As healthcare reform drives consolidation, integration, and value-based reimbursement, the modern medical staff and credentialing team’s influence spans more functions, facilities, and settings than ever before.

Ensure your practitioner workforce is meticulously vetted, completely compliant, and fully capable of delivering consistent, high-quality care with PROPELMedical Staff, a comprehensive training solution and problem-solving community for credentialing and medical staff professionals, quality specialists, and medical staff leaders.

Don’t navigate your ever-evolving industry alone

Designed for professionals in many different roles and environments dedicated to medical staff governance, credentialing, privileging, and practitioner competence evaluation, PROPELMedical Staff can empower your team to:

  • Keep your organization in continuous compliance with rigorous medical staff regulations and accreditation standards
  • Achieve an expedient, satisfying, and lucrative practitioner onboarding experience
  • Develop effective credentialing, privileging, and competence assessment strategies, policies, and tools for nontraditional applicants and tricky vetting scenarios
  • Create OPPE and FPPE processes that accommodate difficult competence evaluation situations, render audit-ready documentation, and foster a culture of improvement
  • Streamline credentialing processes and diminish duplicative medical staff governance work to maximize efficiency, uphold quality, and invigorate the revenue cycle
  • Avoid negligent credentialing lawsuits and other legal pitfalls
  • Implement a best-fit medical staff organizational model and governance strategy for practitioners of varying disciplines, ages, and professional needs
  • Understand and proactively prepare for the impact of important industry trends on current approaches

Get industry-leading thinking and advice

An all-encompassing offering, PROPELMedical Staff includes:     

  • A dynamic training road map featuring online needs assessments, conversations with the PROPEL team, and an evolving customized service plan
  • Tools and guidance for groups struggling with longstanding industry challenges like OPPE, FPPE, and peer review
  • Semiannual problem-solving discussion calls featuring an hour of targeted advice, coaching, or education
  • An annual members-only analysis call covering the most significant industry updates and strategic priorities
  • Teamwide Credentialing Resource Center (CRC) Platinum Plus subscriptions, which provide unlimited access to the award-winning online community’s extensive guidance, tools, and best-practice strategies
  • The full CRC webinar library, plus the opportunity to attend and ask questions during selected live broadcasts that align with your team’s top medical staff and credentialing needs
  • On-call access to leading experts who will provide personalized responses to your pressing questions
  • Credentials Verification: Best Practices, an online learning course that builds your team’s knowledge base, enables progress benchmarking, and promotes a cohesive vetting strategy
  • Two complimentary reserved seats at the annual CRC Symposium, plus the chance to participate in invitation-only networking experiences

The PROPELAdvisory Services difference

PROPELAdvisory Services helps professional teams across healthcare industries make faster, better decisions by connecting their challenges to an unrivaled network of experts and solutions. Backed by over 30 years of experience in delivering best-in-class training, and driven by a team of dedicated professionals, our shared-cost memberships pair custom-curated tools with a community of thought leaders and like-minded peers who are eager to strategize, solve problems, and share career insight.

As part of the growing PROPELAdvisory Services family, each domain features premier resources, ongoing personalization, and engaged learning tailored to specific market and member needs. Members get industry-leading thinking and advice without having to worry about the meter running.

Learn more

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