Provider Enrollment Specialist Certificate

Expand your skill set, prove your worth, and prime your career for advancement

Don’t get left behind in the healthcare industry’s relentless march toward integration! Prove your mettle in a rapidly evolving facet of your profession by earning the Provider Enrollment Specialist Certificate (PESC).

Offered by DecisionHealth, HCPro’s sister brand, the PESC is the only certificate available for professionals with a hand in provider enrollment to showcase their mastery in a growing market and demonstrate their immeasurable value to their organization.

Provider en­rollment professionals earn the PESC after passing a 50-question assessment that tests their knowledge and understanding of the different enrollment forms, specific terms and definitions, compliance risks and penalties, and the Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS).

Show leadership that you have what it takes to facilitate prompt provider enrollment and accelerate access to revenue. Earning the PESC will help you:

  • Validate your proficiency in the enrollment process
  • Keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive
  • Identify any knowledge gaps and create a training roadmap
  • Advance your career and potentially earn a higher salary
  • Affirm your commitment to lifelong learning and increase job skills confidence

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