2018 MSP Salary Survey Report

Your window into the professional experiences and opportunities of MSPs across the care continuum, career ladder, and compensation spectrum.

Featuring comparative data from more than 4,000 responses collected over fiveyears, this resource is jam-packed with professional statistics, expert input, and prescriptive guidance for leveraging survey findings in the trenches.

The 2018 MSP Salary Survey Report contains three major sections, more than 10 special features, upwards of 60 statistical visualizations, and thousands of words devoted to expert-driven analysis and guidance. By publishing all this information, the Credentialing Resource Center team hopes to empower MSPs across career stages, the compensation spectrum, and the care continuum with insights and inspiration to advance their career goals. The following are tips for leveraging key findings in the field.

Use the report’s special features to gauge whether your experiences are on par with similarly situated peers and what it may take to kick your career into high gear:

  1. In-depth profiles provide a window into the ranks of MSPs in double-duty departments and young professionals who will chart the profession’s trajectory in the coming years.
  2. Practical applications features share prescriptive guidance on advancing common career goals.
  3. Voices sidebars highlight industry perspectives on key facets of an ever-changing industry. While aggregate statistics show the sweep of key industry trends, direct quotes from survey takers provide deeper insight into how MSPs and their employers are engaging with today’s emphases.

The modern MSP’s influence spans more functions, facilities, and settings than ever before. Get unparalleled insight into the fast-moving field with the 2018 MSP Salary Survey Report


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