Algorithms for deciding whether to develop scope-of-practice criteria and for processing privilege requests

Even when your facility has a policy for assessing and adding innovations, there is still a temptation to react to each individual practitioner’s application, rather than to consult the policy. Every request, it seems, comes with its own “special circumstances.” However, such a haphazard approach can spawn problems that could be avoided by following your policy. Figures 1 and 2 can prevent you from making rash decisions. These algorithms can help you walk through the decision-making process regarding whether to develop scope-of-practice criteria for a given procedure or treatment, as well as processing privileging requests.

If you have a practitioner who is requesting a new procedure or technology for consideration, pause, take a deep breath, and be ready to provide your medical staff leaders and hospital leaders with the information they need to make the proper decision.

Source: Excerpt from Credenitaling Resource Center Journal. Click here to read the full article.