Information sharing agreement

An increasingly common mechanism is to establish a formal information-sharing agreement between the hospital medical staff and the employed physician group. These agreements allow the parties to recognize that patient safety and the effectiveness of their credentialing, privileging, and peer review processes can be improved by the appropriate sharing of credentialing, quality improvement, and peer review information related to physicians—in other words, peer review activity. The agreement also contains language that the parties wish to avoid any suggestion that the appropriate sharing of information as set forth herein would in any way constitute a waiver of the confidentiality privilege afforded to peer review activities and related information. In other words, the parties share physician performance information while still retaining peer review protections afforded by their state(s). The following is a sample information sharing agreement. The sample agreement will need to be tailored to each state’s peer review statutes to ensure that the hospital’s peer review protections are retained when sharing information.