AAPA reports increase in telemedicine use by PAs

According to a recent report from the American Academy of PAs (AAPA), PA Use of Telemedicine in June 2020: Trends and Implications for PAs, nearly two in three PAs (64%) reported using telemedicine in their practice in the month of June. This is a marked increase from the approximately one in 10 that reported using telemedicine in February.

Of those who reported using telemedicine in the month of June, 77% indicated that they had not utilized telemedicine prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 85% of PAs noted that they had begun using telemedicine in their practice as a way of preserving continuity of care while maintaining social distancing for nonemergent patients during the pandemic. PAs working in primary care were also more likely to use telemedicine than PAs in hospitals, urgent care, and other settings.

Responses were collected from June 6 to June 28. Respondents included 566 PAs, 513 of which indicated they were currently practicing. The majority of respondents (71.4%) identified as female. Almost half of all respondents (48.5%) reported working in an outpatient clinic or physician office, while 35% reported working in a hospital setting. Top specialties of respondents included surgery (24.5%), primary care (21.4%), and emergency medicine (11.6%).  

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