AMA calls for more healthcare economics training

The AMA recently adopted a new policy calling on medical schools and residency programs to incorporate content on healthcare financing into their curricula.

The AMA is specifically asking that future physicians receive training on cost effective use of diagnostic and treatment services, the economics of medical practice in fee-for-service, managed care and other financing systems, modes of practice, the organization of healthcare delivery, practice management, practice settings, quality assurance, and risk management.

In a statement, AMA Immediate Past President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, said, “Medical students and residents with a deeper understanding of cost, financing, and medical economics, will be better equipped to provide more cost-effective care that will have a positive impact for patients and the health care system as a whole.”

The AMA also recently published the Health Systems Science Review book to help physicians-in-training and other health professionals, as well as their instructors, evaluate competencies in Health Systems Science and learners’ readiness for navigating modern health systems. This includes competencies in value-based care and health care policy and economics. 

Source: AMA

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