Develop leadership selection criteria

The use of leadership selection criteria by the medical executive committee (MEC), medical staff nominating committee (which could be a subcommittee of the MEC), and the general medical staff is an important element in attracting the most qualified candidates for medical staff leadership positions. Selection criteria also sends a powerful message to all general staff members that leadership positions are vitally important to the success of your medical staff, and that current leaders encourage medical staff members to consider the attributes, skills, commitment, and demonstrated leadership capability of the physicians they are nominating. The MEC should gather input from senior administrative officers and board officers regarding the most important attributes the medical staff should consider when nominating and selecting future leaders. This is also an excellent opportunity for medical staff officers to collaborate with senior administrative officers and board officers to develop leadership criteria that encourages the selection of leaders who will be able to work with and  influence the decisions of senior management and the board.

Leadership selection criterion sends an important message to prospective physician leaders. A physician can review and use the selection criteria as a barometer concerning their own interest, ability, and skills. The criteria let them know that the position is extremely important to the effective functioning of the medical staff and the hospital. This will give importance to the position and attract physicians interested in leading the staff.