Make the physician leadership position visible

It is essential that physician leaders, administrative and board officers, and the institution as a whole illustrate the importance of physician leadership to the organization, medical staff, and community. The roles and responsibilities physician leaders have at hospitals are important, and should be treated as such.

The following strategies may help attach visibility and importance to physician leadership positions:

  • Include physician executives in executive functions and processes, such as strategic and operational planning
  • At board meetings, seat the president of the medical staff or medical director next to the chair of the board
  • Request that the president of the medical staff, the medical directors, or other appropriate physician leaders represent the hospital at various community or social events
  • Issue press releases "from" the medical staff president or medical director, instead of the public relations office
  • CEOs might consider scheduling regular, yet informal, discussions with the president of the medical staff, medical director, or other top physician leaders
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