Report: Hospitalists working more hours, seeing more patients

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitalists have been working more hours per week, according to a new report from Medscape. Despite this, some hospitalists reported their income decreased.

Nearly 18,000 physicians were surveyed for the report. According to hospitalist respondents, they earned an annual average of $276,000, compared to an average of $341,000 earned by non-hospitalists. Approximately one-fourth of surveyed hospitalists reported their income had decreased and the majority (88%) attributed it to the pandemic.

Hospitalists reported working an average of 53 hours per week before COVID-19, compared to the 55 hours they currently worked. In comparison, non-hospitalist respondents reported working an average of 49 hours per week for the pandemic and 50 hours now.  

Additionally, hospitalists reported seeing more patients now than pre-pandemic. Before COVID-19, hospitalists saw an average of 60 patients a week, compared to the 64 they now see. The pandemic had the reverse effect on non-hospitalists who saw an average of 78 patients a week but now see 73.

Source: Medscape

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