Specialties facing the most burnout

Sixty-two percent of emergency medicine physicians reported feeling burned out, according to the AMA’s Organizational Biopsy report, based on responses from more than 13,000 providers across 30 states.

While physicians in emergency medicine reported the highest percentage of burnout, they were closely followed by hospital medicine (59%), family medicine (58%), pediatrics (55%), obstetrics and gynecology (54%), and internal medicine (52%). Except for pediatricians, less than half of respondents in each of these specialties reported feeling valued by their organizations; 52% of pediatrician reported feeling valued.

Actions that can be taken to reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction among providers include:

  • Provide ongoing support to address problems as they arise
  • Remove administrative burdens
  • Offer recognition and appreciation to make providers feel valued
  • Increase comradery and connection among colleagues through group gatherings


Source: AMA

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