Compare past information with present disclosures to identify red flags

Comparing information that physicians have submitted in the past with current disclosures is one way MSPs can identify red flags or read between the lines. At the time of reappointment, the MSP should compare the information the practitioner has submitted on his or her reappointment application with the information in his or her current credentials file. For example, if a physician discloses a lawsuit during the current reappointment cycle that occurred prior to the last reappointment, the MSP should find out the reasons for this discrepancy.

Consider the following as possible reasons a practitioner may report new information:

  • A lawsuit was pending at reappointment time and your application questions do not ask about pending lawsuits 
  • The practitioner was not made aware of a suit until after they submitted their reappointment application
  • Your organization previously only asked for felony convictions but has since revised its application questions to include misdemeanors, hence the practitioner did not previously report a particular incident but is now required to

Regardless, MSPs need to clarify the discrepancy prior to processing the application.