Conduct behavior-based interviews to determine an applicant's ability to collaborate

Assuming that the medical staff services department does not identify any red flags during the credentialing process, the CEO, VPMA, or service line manager should interview a prospective practitioner employee in-person. To gain the most out of the interview, consider conducting a behavior-based interview to determine whether the candidate will be a good cultural fit within the organization.

Behavior based interview questions are designed to elicit more specific answers than a traditional interview. Instead of asking the candidate, “How would you behave given situation X?” the interviewer asks, “How did you behave when situation X occurred?” Specific questions might include:

  • Think of a particularly difficult patient you treated within the past two years and tell me how you handled that situation.
  • How have you handled schedule interruptions in the past?
  • Given an example of when you went above and beyond. What was required and why do you feel you went the extra mile?
  • Give me an example of a high-pressure situation you were involved in and how you managed it.
  • Have you had to convince others to do something they weren’t thrilled about? If so, how did you do it?
  • How have you responded when a nurse raises questions about your diagnosis or treatment decisions?