CRC recognizes Beverly Napper CPCS

As part of our initiative to highlight the efforts of MSPs everywhere, the Credentialing Resource Center Team is recognizing stellar MSPs in the community by featuring them in Credentialing Resource Center Digest. In our latest feature, we would like to recognize Beverly Napper CPCS. Napper is the medical staff services coordinator at Medical City North Hills in North Richland Hills, Texas and has more than 25 years of experience in medical staff services. She began her career providing data services in a health plan credentialing department and has spent nearly 20 years working in hospital medical staff services departments.

“Her expertise in technology is one of the keys to her success. Beverly embraced technology as a valuable resource in the medical staff services department from early on. Her ability to think about the possibilities that could be achieved utilizing technology and her passion for implementation led her to develop databases for tracking facility credentialing and FPPE/OPPE over the years,” says the colleague who nominated Napper. "Now, she is someone that eagerly lends a hand to others to show them an easier way of utilizing the tricks of the trade she has learned through the tools of database management. Beverly is the kindest person I have ever met, and I am so grateful and thankful to have worked with her for these many years.”

The CRC team reached out to Napper so that we could get to know her better and hear about her work in the field. Below are the highlights of our conversation:

CRC: What aspect of your career are you most passionate about?

Napper: The use of technology is something I am very passionate about. Having a family member that required multiple levels of healthcare and being on the inside of this industry has helped me be passionate in my work and ensure I’ve done my best as part of the onboarding team to bring the best practitioners possible for our patients and facility—I would want nothing less for my own family and friends. When I was initially introduced to this career, I had no idea the reaching effects of the industry. As I became aware, I expanded my skills and knowledge through technology. The use of technology in this industry is a key to the success, especially for the medical staff services department, to streamline our processes. In other areas, it can assist in improving outcomes, efficiency, and patient safety. I’ve found over the years, many colleagues had difficulty embracing technology, whereas I always tackled it head-on; and now our industry and culture is submerged in technology.  

CRC: What piece of advice would you give those entering medical staff services?

Napper: My advice to newcomers is to be ready for the ride—change is imminent and ongoing. The work is never-ending because of change, and you have to positively accept what is coming your way. Take time to anticipate future changes and be proactive in being a team member who champions for the development and implementation of new ideas. 

CRC: If you could sum up being an MSP in three words or less, what would they be?

Napper: 3 words or less—that’s a big order! Compassionate, Accepting, Leader.  

  • Understand the role and attack your responsibilities with compassion because this will get you through any that are challenging as you understand the end result.
  • Accepting because as I said, change is an “always” challenge in the industry; don’t fight it, but you may need to overcome the challenges it presents. Furthermore, be prepared to include in your improvement plan strategies for overcoming challenges.
  • Leader because we work very closely with high level-individuals within our healthcare entities.They rely on us in a big way, and we have to be up to that challenge.

CRC: What movie do you think everyone should see at least once?

Napper: Call of the Wild—A story about a simpler life, without technology, that we no longer know but should. I yearn for a simpler time and life sometimes. The caveat is that although I love technology and the good it does, it has forced our culture into many aspects that are not always pleasant. Technology provides the ability to work more with less. It can offer us more time to do more things, but it doesn’t always work out that it’s our own time.

The CRC team thanks Napper for her countless contributions to the medical staff services profession!

Is there a member of your team that you're especially grateful for this year? We want to know! Email CRC editor Karla Accorto at with their name, organization, email address, and a few sentences about what makes them such a great MSP and team member. Your nominated MSP could be featured in an upcoming issue of our Credentialing Resource Center Digest!

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