CRC recognizes Tawna Miles-Knight, CPCS

As part of our new initiative to highlight the efforts of MSPs everywhere, the Credentialing Resource Center Team is recognizing stellar MSPs in the community by featuring them in Credentialing Resource Center Digest. In our second feature, we would like to recognize Tawna Miles-Knight, CPCS. Tawna is the CVO director at St. Luke's Health System in Boise, Idaho.

"Tawna not only established the St. Luke’s Health System CVO from the ground up, she continues to improve turnaround times and helps her team to improve daily through state-of-the art data gathering tools that she, herself, created and maintains. She is so far ahead of the industry in her ability to monitor and improve performance," says the colleague who nominated Tawna. "In addition to that, Tawna is always finding creative ways to celebrate successes, including a BBQ that she hosts are her home every year as well as an annual retreat for the entire team. As a leader, she has established standards of practice to ensure her team has the tools necessary to maintain the high level of performance established at the St. Luke’s Health System CVO. Tawna is a collaborative, dynamic, transformational leader."

The CRC team reached out to Tawna so that we could get to know her better and hear about her work in the field. Below are the highlights of our conversation:

CRC: What aspect of your career are you most passionate about?

Tawna: The opportunity to make a difference! Not only in the role we all play in protecting patient safety, mitigating facility risks, and improving the revenue capture but making a difference with those in our profession, including my team, by leading, training, mentoring and coaching others.

CRC: What piece of advice would you give those entering medical staff services?

Tawna: This is definitely a career, not just a job, and to embrace it fully. It’s never boring, always challenging; each day is new and different so be flexible and patient with yourself because things are always changing. The learning curve for what you do is years, and, even after 28 years, I learn something new every day.

CRC: If you could sum up being an MSP in three words or less, what would they be?

Tawna: Exciting! Challenging! Rewarding!

CRC: What movie do you think everyone should see at least once?

Tawna: This is an easy one: The Ultimate Gift.


The CRC team thanks Tawna for her countless contributions to the medical staff services profession!

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