Don't forego new physician orientation

Each organization should have some level of orientation for its physicians, as there are many organizational and regulatory requirements that physicians should be made aware of. MSPs should work with the president of the medical staff, the vice president of medical affairs, and the credentials committee to determine the type of orientation that best suits your organization, as well as what content your organization will include in the orientation.

Some organizations require applicants to come in and meet with the department chair, credentials committee chair, or the entire credentials committee. As part of the interview, the applicant may receive an orientation packet.

Other organizations require an on-site orientation, which can generally last anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. These are typically more detailed and include hands-on training for clinical systems, lunch with administrative or medical staff leaders, tours of the facility, and so on.

Some organizations have implemented online training modules. The medical staff leadership designs and approves these modules and defines a required time frame for the physician to complete them (either before privileges are granted or within 30 days of receiving privileges).