FPPE and no-volume providers

Consider focused professional practice evaluation (FPPE) with regard to the no-volume provider. Most of the time, these physicians are either part of a large group, such as emergency medicine coverage, that covers many hospitals (as is often the case with low-volume providers). There also may be physicians who had every intention of practicing in the hospital but who have not yet done so.

Whatever the reason, the focused evaluation must be addressed. FPPE can be suspended, or put on hold, until the provider begins to practice in the hospital because, in order to complete a focused evaluation, there must be activity at the hospital to evaluate. A medical staff office cannot use activity from another hospital to complete the focused evaluation.

Therefore, to close the loop on the no-volume provider, place the focused evaluation on hold. Then, notify the physician that the office is unable to complete the required focused evaluation at this time due to lack of activity and that FPPE will begin once the provider begins to practice in the hospital. Keep a copy of this letter in the physician’s file.

Completing this process demonstrates that the office is aware of the lack of activity and has addressed it with the physician.

Source: CRC Encyclopedia

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