Goal-setting is key to reducing burnout

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), the burnout rate in the internal medicine division is approximately 13%, which is significantly lower than the burnout rate in other University of Alabama divisions. Researchers believe this may be a direct result of increased autonomy and opportunities for leadership development. On average, 75% of internists strongly agree that they are satisfied with their jobs, 95% of UAB internists reported the same.

UAB’s internal medicine division believes it was able to lower burnout among physicians in its department by providing them with a clear sense of purpose. Faculty is actively involved in the development of their own work goals and are encouraged to align their goals with opportunities that they are passionate about.

UAB firmly believes in professional development, too, and strives to support the growth of its physicians by creating a culture in which mentoring and sponsorship are very common.

“When we invest in people, they discover things they did not know they had,” says Carlos Estrada, MD, professor and division director of general internal medicine at UAB. “To me, the investment in the people in terms of the leadership development is critical and crucial, and we will continue to do that.”

Source: American Medical Association