How artificial intelligence can advance healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) may hold the key to further advancements in healthcare, according to Eric Topol, MD, and author of How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again.

In his book, Topol suggests that AI could offer physicians many benefits while also reducing costs. For example, AI tools such as note-taking and scan-reading programs have allowed physicians to spend more time with patients and thus foster stronger connections with them. Furthermore, these AI developments have demonstrated the potential to increase productivity, efficiency, and even accuracy when utilized appropriately. Topol suggests that physician burnout may even decrease as a result.

Topol acknowledges, however, that AI is also vulnerable to breaches and hacking because of its technical nature. He also admits that there is a potential for embedded bias within the technology.

Nevertheless, he remains optimistic that with support from physician champions and other hospital leaders, AI can really make a difference in the provision of healthcare. He notes, “What I’m most excited about is using the future to bring back the past: To restore the care in healthcare.”

Source: Becker’s Hospital Review