Identify provider enrollment specialist candidates

Healthcare institutions seeking to execute efficient, high-caliber credentialing and enrollment processes must enlist high-performing professionals. All too often, however, there are no specific job eligibility criteria for provider enrollment positions other than the ability to type and follow instructions. These scant requirements stand in sharp contrast to the vital part that enrollment professionals play in the revenue cycle management process.

To avoid this potentially costly oversight, healthcare institutions must create specific, detailed job descriptions that attract individuals with the right mind and skill sets and retain these key contributors by providing professional recognition, career development opportunities, and competitive compensation. Consider the following characteristics and competency requirements in job descriptions and resumes:

  • Organized with strong multitasking skills
  • Detail- and deadline-driven
  • Demonstrated competence in core credentialing concepts
  • Patience and strong communication skills
  • Billing expertise
  • Ability to read contracts and understand contract negotiations
  • Tech savvy

Source: News & Analysis