Recredentialing review and approval process

The review and approval process for recredentialing applications is typically identical to that for initial applications. However, there are some differences that applicants and MSPs should note. 

Some information will be reverified, including licensure/certification status, and the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) will be queried again.

The review process will include an analysis of the applicant’s clinical practice over the past appointment period, including results of ongoing quality assessment and performance improvement data and patient satisfaction survey results. Information concerning participation in Continuing Medical Education (CME), meeting attendance, and participation in other medical staff–required functions will be evaluated.

Some healthcare facilities will query other facilities where applicants also currently work to determine what their practice experience is at those facilities. This is particularly true if the volume of clinical work at one facility is not sufficient for the medical staff to make a reasoned determination regarding the practitioner’s current clinical competency. Candidates may be asked to help facilitate getting this information from other healthcare organizations. (The medical staff services department at these facilities may be helpful in obtaining this information.)

Source: The Clinician’s Quick Guide to Credentialing and Privileging