Replacing the provider enrollment paper application

Given the high stakes and complexity of provider enrollment, aligning the function with traditional medical staff services work requires a clear strategy, strong approaches, and adept staff. Otherwise, the process may unravel, jeopardizing revenue, care access, and practitioner satisfaction.

Priming applications and workflows is an essential first step in a successful integration. Every good process starts with a strong enrollment application that covers all applicable requirements from commercial and government payers, accreditors, and federal and state regulators. Enrollment information can be captured in a number of ways, but because time is of the essence, you may need to get creative.

The data collection application must be concise and relevant, and it should only require what is needed for enrollment. Unlike online applications, paper applications have few built-in features that encourage practitioners to answer questions completely and consistently, which often creates the need for provider enrollment professionals to scrub the data prior to submission. This time-consuming task is fraught with human error and has the potential to delay enrollment. Given the significant burden they place on applicants and credentialing teams, paper applications should be replaced with automated varieties whenever possible.

Source: News & Analysis