The states with the highest median salaries for physicians

Physicians in Kentucky and Tennessee have the highest median salaries in the country with $364,000, according to 2023 Physician Compensation Report released by Physician Thrive, a financial advisory group for physicians.

Other states with high median physician salaries include:

  • Alabama ($358,000)
  • Missouri ($357,000)
  • Oregon ($352,000)

The report’s findings are based on data from multiple sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Health Resources & Services Administration, and other compensation reports.

Nationally, physician compensation by specialty was also analyzed and orthopedic surgeons had the highest median salary with $546,000. Plastic surgeons and cardiologists also ranked high with both groups earning $527,000.

On the other end, the specialties with the lowest median salary were:

  • Public health/preventative medicine ($183,000)
  • Pediatrics ($236,000)
  • Family medicine ($243,000)

Source: Physician Thrive