Striking a balance between speed and quality

Every profession goes through the stress of growth and expansion—as it develops, lessons are learned, achievements are acknowledged, and a path is established to help new professionals achieve success. Almost every MSP has felt unrecognized or misunderstood at some point in his or her professional career. Although credentialing, privileging, and the growing array of additional services MSPs provide on a daily basis play significant roles in regulatory compliance and patient safety, those outside the department might not understand these implications, mistaking medical staff services functions for paperwork that slows down the onboarding process. In today’s efficiency-minded culture, MSPs must strike the right balance between speed and quality to execute successful credentialing and privileging processes. They must also educate colleagues beyond the department on their critical workload and make the case for the resources and respect necessary to support it. This combination of technical proficiency, self-advocacy, and interdisciplinary teamwork will help MSPs secure the professional recognition and career growth they desire (and deserve). 

Source: Overcoming Contemporary Credentialing Challenges

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