2016 MSP Salary Survey Special Report

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The 2016 MSP Salary Survey Special Report is a complimentary Credentialing Resource Center membership benefit. CRC members can click here to download the report. Not a CRC member? Click here to purchase the report. 

The modern MSP’s influence spans more functions, facilities, and settings than ever before. Gain unparalleled insight into the evolving profession with the 2016 MSP Salary Survey Special Report

Featuring data from nearly 1,000 respondents, this special report is jam-packed with professional statistics, expert input, and prescriptive guidance for leveraging survey findings in the field. Key elements include: 

  • Telling stats and incisive analysis organized into three professional focuses. Trace trends in compensation, job duties, and professional development. 
  • Deep dives into the data that matter most. More than 50 graphs, tables, and special features look at key professional experiences from a variety of angles. Peruse salary ranges broken down by title, education, certification, and setting. Pinpoint common ratios of credentialed practitioners to full-time MSPs. Learn which positions may call for additional education or a new professional certification. 
  • Three years’ worth of comparative data. See 2014–2016 Salary Survey trends in compensation, credentialing volumes, certification, education, accreditation, and more. 
  • Practical applications for key findings. Come away with concrete strategies for advancing career goals, propelling compensation conversations, and advocating for the medical staff services profession. 

Use this report to: 

  • See how your experiences stack up against those of MSPs in similar professional circumstances
  • Make the case for additional resources or compensation
  • Identify, refocus, or advance professional goals
  • Educate stakeholders within and beyond the profession on the integral role MSPs play in patient safety, quality care, risk management, and other essential healthcare functions