2018 CRC Excellence in Medical Staff Collaboration Award

A team from University Health Systems is this year's CRC Excellence in Medical Staff Collaboration award winner. In the words of nominator, Barbara Warstler, MBA, CPMSM, FASPR, "We have worked together for approximately 7 years. During this time, we have accomplished amazing things! Together, we lead a team of approximately 50 people. We have transitioned our team from being a paper-based group of individual contributors to a cohesive, high-performing team. Our management team approaches issues in very different ways and we all have different leadership styles, but in the end, we all support each other and we inspire our team to do great things!"

Along with Warstler, who is the director of medical staff services and ‭credentialing at University Hospitals in Cleveland, the other members of her team being honored are: William L. Annable, MD, system chief medical officer and chief quality officer and director of the University Hospitals Institute for Health Care Quality & Innovation; Karen Doran, CPMSM, manager of medical staff services and credentialing for University Hospitals Health System; and Lisa M. Zuppert, BA, CPMSM, manager of credentialing information systems for University Hospitals Health System.

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