2020 sees marked increase in telehealth use among adults age 50-80

The percentage of older adults who had ever participated in a telehealth visit rose from 4% in May 2019 to 30% in June 2020, according to the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging.

However, the poll also found that these patients still considered in-office visits more effective, and many of them had no choice but to see their doctor via telehealth.

Nearly half of those who had a telehealth visit said their healthcare provider canceled or rescheduled an in-person visit between March and June, and 30% said that a virtual visit was the only option when they called to schedule an appointment.

Despite a preference for in-person visits, especially for a first visit, more older adults are interested in using telehealth to connect with a provider they’ve seen before: 72% in 2020, up from 58% in 2019.

A greater percentage of 2020 respondents (63%) also said they’re interested in using telehealth for a one-time follow-up appointment after a procedure or operation than in 2019 (55%).

Source: Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center