Avoid rushing the credentialing process

A common credentialing mistake is rushing through the process because of pressure to complete the credentialing ASAP. To this, Leslie Cox, BS, MHA, CPMSM, CPCS, senior director at Banner Health’s credentialing verification office in Phoenix says simply, “Never rush a file because someone is adding pressure. Be bold and do your job. Bring the matter to your supervisor if necessary, but never shortcut a careful review to rush a file. Allow time to carefully analyze the application and the verified documents.”

If one does not dedicate time to this careful analysis, it can be easy to miss red flags such as peer references that rate the applicant’s performance as only “fair,” Cox states. Or, perhaps, one might skim over a practitioner statement that he or she is unable to provide an activity log that demonstrates current competency in procedures relating to a request for privileges; such a statement would also constitute a red flag, as every practitioner should be currently practicing in the area he or she seeks privileges for.

Someone might pressure an MSP to complete the credentialing process more quickly for any number of reasons—understaffing, financial motives, etc. It is essential to never cave to that pressure, though, and to perform all credentialing diligently and appropriately.

Source: News & Analysis