Develop a relationship/agreement with a locum agency

Many locum tenens physicians are employed through a locum agency. Sally Pelletier, CPMSM, CPCS, advisory consultant and chief credentialing officer for The Greeley Company in Danvers, Massachusetts and Carol Cairns, CPMSM, CPCS, president of PRO-CON in Plainfield, Illinois, recommend that hospitals develop a preferred relationship with one that is well-established and reputable. 

“[Locum agencies] like these relationships,” says Cairns. “They get to know what you want—the types of practitioners you’re looking for, what kind of community you serve, etc.”

Hospitals can use this relationship to develop an agreement to share appropriate credentialing verification information obtained by the agency—licensure, affiliation history, board certification, etc. “This can also include positive and negative evaluations,” Pelletier adds. “Utilize information from the locums agency to augment your internal verification process.”

“Make it clear that when you ask if there have been any complaints or other negative information about a physician, you really want to know,” Cairns stresses. In other words, the locum agency shouldn’t cherry-pick the information it gives the hospital. Establish in the information-sharing agreement that all information will be provided: the good, bad, and the ugly. Armed with complete information, the organization can make an informed decision about the practitioner. 

Source: News & Analysis