Illegal dentist office found in convienence store

A Massachusetts man has been charged with unauthorized practice of medicine and unauthorized practice of dentistry after running a dentist office out of a convenience store.

According to authorities, Juan Hermida Munoz rented a room in the back of a convenience store and performed dental procedures such as cleanings and tooth extractions and even administered anesthesia. Munoz does not have a license to practice in the United States.

The owner of the Milford, Massachusetts convenience store is also facing charges for renting the room to Munoz.

"This practice puts the lives of patients in danger by unsanctioned and unsanitary conditions in receiving medical treatments," Milford police said in a statement.

However, an employee at the convenience store told local news station NBC10 Boston that Munoz has been a longtime dentist in Ecuador where he also teaches at a university. He says Munoz was only trying to help people in the community who needed it.

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