Measure performance and drive success

Today’s MSPs are taking on larger volumes of work and scopes of responsibility than ever before, often without seeing equivalent gains in respect and standing. It’s important to show leadership that you have goals and performance data that speak to your progress in achieving them. Possible focus areas include:

  • Turnaround: Measure the time it takes to process an application. Be sure to track three or four metrics and account for any third-party delays. Potential metrics include submission and receipt of applications; request and receipt of quality data; request and receipt of peer reference responses; and application preparation for the department chair’s sign-off and the board’s final approval.
  • File volume: Track volume by month to identify any notable trends—good or bad—and adjust your approach accordingly. For example, if application rates tend to spike in July and August and fall off by October, request temporary staff during the summer months.
  • Expirables compliance: Demonstrate that you’re adhering to regulatory requirements, as well as providing a valuable service to practitioners. (You are obtaining all the information you can online before reaching out to the physician, right?)

Use evidence-based leadership evaluation tools, such as report cards and 90-day action plans, to prioritize goals. Select one project or competency to work on for the next 90 days, and develop an action plan with your supervisor or senior leader to master this skill. Potential focus areas include listening, providing negative feedback, mentoring, delegating tasks, and executing other leadership activities. 

Source: News and Analysis