More MSPs are taking on supervisor roles

More than half (56.1%) of 2021 MSP Salary Survey respondents supervise others, an increase from 51.2% in 2020 and closer to the 56.5% in 2018. And supervisors’ teams are growing: Like their 2020 counterparts, 2021 respondents are likeliest to oversee three to four full-time equivalent (FTE) staff (20.7%). Not far behind are those who reported leading teams of five to six FTEs (17.3%).

Beyond a boost in status, supervisors often enjoy higher salaries. Among this year’s respondents in supervisory roles, the largest percentage (37.5%) earn more than $100,000, and the second largest percentage (34.4%) earn $70,000–$100,000. This concentration of supervisors in the upper salary echelons has held over the past five survey iterations, and this is the second year in which the largest percentage makes more than $100,000.

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