Surgeons in Argentina suspended for taking selfies mid-surgery

A surgical team in Argentina—comprised of a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, two surgical assistants, and a surgical nurse—has been suspended after taking photos mid-surgery and later posting them online. Photos posted on surgeon Lorena Olguin’s social media account show the team posing for pictures in surgical marks and gowns while surrounded by medical supplies covered in blood. One photo that has sparked outrage among the public in Argentina is a selfie of the team in the surgical theater.

Although Olguin insists that she never touched her cell phone during the surgery itself, she admits to uploading the photos, and in her apology, she says, “[T]here is no way to justify it.” The photos have since been taken down, and the hospital and its legal team has since opened an administrative investigation into the incident.

This is not the first instance of medical staff taking photos during surgery. In fact, United States dermatologist Windell Davis-Boutte, MD, was recently suspended for uploading approximately 20 videos on Youtube that show her dancing and singing in the operating room while performing surgery. Several patients have since brought malpractice suits against the suspended dermatologist.

Sources: MSN and Fox News

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